Slow Car Fast
January 1, 2009 - Whenever disassembling a car to this extent, always bag and label parts.
Who knows how long it will be before it gets reassembled?
The number of fasteners involved in the glovebox was amazing.
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January 28, 2009 - That 1x3 steel (actually, I think it's 1x2 when I think about it) I used for the steering rack mounts is not new steel.
Far from it - I have some very heavily overbuilt railings that were pulled out of a building under renovation. They live out in the backyard and I chop off a bit when I need it. A bit of quality time under the wire wheel on the grinder and it looks new and ready to weld.
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February 20, 2010 - I've been trying to figure out what order to do things in right now, and I've decided to work on the exhaust.
I'm not really sure why that ended up at the top of the list, but there you go. It could be because the Super Turbo muffler I ordered showed up, and so now I know for sure there's enough room for it to fit.
The tip is one from a Flyin' Miata exhaust that I brought home to try for size and to see what Janel thought. She likes the style - they're really nice looking, with a double-walled tip with a constant outer diameter and a rolled inner shell - but thinks it's a bit big at 3.5". No worries, we have 3" ones as well which I think will be perfect. I like the slightly slanted tip.
Is it too early to pick out exhaust tips? Of course not!
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