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October 6, 2010 - So?
Did it start? Well, no. It cranks happily and I did get it to cough really briefly, but overall it's just not exciting. Here's where the OBD-II scanner comes in handy. I can see that all the various sensors are reading properly - there's even measured airflow going through the intake on cranking - but the engine RPM is stuck at 0. If the computer doesn't think the engine is spinning, it's not going to try to fire the injectors or spark the plugs.
I checked the wiring for the cam angle sensor and the crank angle sensor. It's good in both cases. When Janel's home tomorrow, I'll check to make sure I'm getting spark. But that 0 RPM reading kinda tells me what I'm looking for first...
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October 6, 2010 - I posted a question about the no-start behavior of the MG on, and got an answer almost immediately.
I need to disable the VATS system. That's an anti-theft setup that uses a resistor in the key. Since I'm not using the Camaro ignition switch or key, it needs to be bypassed or turned off.
A tuning program like HP Tuners can be used for the latter, and we have a copy at work. I also need to do a few other things such as turn off the EGR and the rear O2 sensors. HP Tuners is expensive - but luckily, Flyin' Miata has a copy. I'll have to pay to "mate" it with my computer, that that's fairly inexpensive relative to the cost of the program.
Will this fix it? Let's find out!
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October 7, 2010 - It's aliiiiiive!
After reprogramming the computer - which took about 5 minutes, using software I'd never seen before - I ran upstairs and told Janel I had a surprise for her. She didn't know how close the car was to starting. I jumped in the car and hit the key. It cranked for a few seconds, then a few seconds more. But it was trying. So I tried again and VAROOOOOOOOOM! Lots of noise, lots of revs, and a running engine.
I caught it all on video. It's a cinematic masterpiece, with expository dialogue, a build-up of tension and then a big climax followed by a happy denouement. In case you're wondering, I was talking to Janel who is standing at a safe distance behind the camera, taking refuge behind the Mini.
Watch it!

It wasn't completely successful. The first few times it didn't want to stay running more than a couple of seconds. It eventually settled down and kept running, but at a 2500 rpm idle. Since the main goal was to simply get it to work, I declared that enough. Even just a few seconds of running was enough to get the paint on the headers to bake in and release a nice cloud of smoke. I'll spend some more time cleaning up the wiring and hunting for vacuum leaks. Maybe this weekend I'll let it run for a bit longer to see if the engine speed will settle down as the computer re-learns this engine. The change in behavior from the first start to the fourth was notable.
First I need to blow the smoke out of the garage. Whew!
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