Slow Car Fast
April 21, 2008 - Check out the nose of the car compared to the last shot!
There's a new grille after several minutes worth of work with a screwdriver. It's the design used from 1973 on. I chose it instead of the earlier 60's grille because the black center looks a bit more aggressive. It popped right into place, although I'm still working out how the upper brackets fit in properly.
I stuck the front overriders back on the car, and we both agree that the car looks better with them on. So expect them to make a reappearance very soon.
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April 21, 2008 - The only downside to the late grille is the red badge.
It looks a little downmarket compared to the early black and red design. So I picked up one of the latter as well, and I have plans to fit it to this grille. Somehow.
By the time I'm done, this car will drive the purists nuts.
Okay, the badge isn't the only downside. I'm going to have to do something about that exposed teal paint where the original grille sat. A repaint is definitely in this car's future anyhow, so I'll do something temporary for the time being.
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April 23, 2008 - Time to change out the badge on the grille.
The first step is to figure out how the original one is attached. So I disassembled the grille, only to discover that the original was stuck on with double-sided tape. A prod from behind with a screwdriver popped it out.
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April 23, 2008 - The old and new badges are not identical.
The new one (the red) is completely flat and has a bevel on the back side. The black one does not have the bevel and is ever-so-slightly larger. A bit of time spent with a grinding wheel and lots of test fitting, then a touch-up of the edges with black marker and it pops right into place.
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April 23, 2008 - The new old badge in place!
A bit of attention with a grinder - being careful not to hit the edges of that chrome border! - followed by a touch-up with a marker and it dropped right into place. It looks far better.
Instead of using double-sided tape to attach it, I used some 3M badge adhesive. Not the best choice really, it did some slight damage to the paint that's visible in this picture. Not that anyone else will see it, but I know it's there. Of course, now I remember where I put the tape...
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April 25, 2008 - Time to get rid of the teal "lips" left over after the original grille was removed.
I had a can of glossy black auto paint that was used to paint the Mini's arches, and it proved to be a very good match to the MG. A quick bit of masking and voila! No more lips. Sure, it's not a Pebble Beach concours job, but you have to be on your knees in front of the car and about a foot away to notice. Which I believe is how things work at Pebble Beach...
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April 27, 2008 - With the new shackles on the rear, the car sits very close to level.
I haven't checked with a tape measure yet, but it looks right. With the rear wheels tucked into the wells, it's obvious that there isn't room for a massive spacer to move them outboard. It looks much better than it did lifted anyhow.
One thing that's apparent is that something's not right with the rear suspension. It's rock solid, with almost no give at all. I'd swear it was sitting on the bump stops but inspection shows that is not the case. It's not seized, as there's definitely movement when I lift the car. But when I push on a fender I get almost no deflection. I wonder if the aftermarket tube shocks are too long and are bottoming out internally? I'll pull apart a few components and see what I can figure out.
The new grille is fitted, although not yet permanently. The bumper overriders make a big difference visually, so they're probably going to stay. It sure looks a lot better than it did when it arrived! The car's coming together visually pretty well.
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