Slow Car Fast
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November 27, 2008 - After about two hours of work, the engine is ready to come out.
It all went pretty easily with very few recalcitrant fasteners. The only one that gave me any trouble was a pre-rounded nut on the driveshaft, but I won. I always win.
This car was in sad shape mechanically. There are missing fasteners, unplugged sensors and general hack work hidden around. But it sure looks solid, which is what counts.
The engine will get pulled tomorrow when I have Janel's help. Right now, the hoist is sitting out in a cold rain and I don't feel like wrestling it in.
This picture makes it look like some sort of exchange is going on. Nope, I just can't seem to work on a single car at a time. Also, the garage is not as messy as this picture makes it look!
tags: dismantling