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January 10, 2010 - It was a day of fabrication.
I spent the whole day cutting weird shapes out of cardboard, duplicating them in steel and then welding them in. The stock inner fender sheetmetal is fairly thin, so it takes a certain amount of finesse not to burn through it.
I finished up the shock tower on the passenger's side, and I'm happier with how this side came out. I was smart enough to tie the inner metal directly to the upright first, then add the new braces. I have some work ahead of me inside the wheel well on the driver's side. Still, the front end is obviously much more solid now and I'm pretty much done with it for a while.
The guy in the picture is an upper shock mount for the rear. I went through a couple of designs for this, and this is the final version. The plate will be welded inside the wheel well and will help spread the load somewhat. The spacers on the inside of the mounting tabs help keep the tabs clear of the adjuster on the shock, allowing me to put a wider base on the tabs than I would otherwise.
tags: suspension