Slow Car Fast
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January 23, 2011 - During construction, Janel often referred to the MG as her little grocery getter.
And you know what? We're actually using it for grocery runs. She's pretty happy with how it's evolving, between the better/more compliant tires and the sway bar it feels much better planted and less skittish. She also really likes the current suspension compliance.
I've known since I put them on that the current springs weren't long enough - they coil bind before full compression. And I suspect that's actually happening once in a while. So I swapped in a set of 10" springs with a 250 lb rate instead of the 8" 225s that were in there. Why the rate change? Because that's what I have! I'll see what change this makes to the dynamics, and then order some springs of the appropriate rate and length. I've said this before, but it's so easy to change the springs on this car!
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