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September 7, 2010 - Janel and I have realized that the interior of the car is going to need some attention.
We bought this particular car because it was black with a tan interior, and it looked great. Of course, then it turned out to have a bad paint job and the interior was just spray painted. But we still got a good rust-free chassis!
Of course, if we're going to refresh the interior we have to deal with matching the paint or replace it all. The latter is tempting but we have the problem of the headliner. I do not want to replace it - and it actually looks pretty good.
Looking at various color samples online, it appears the (unpainted) seats are "biscuit" and they do match the rest of the interior. Unfortunately, Moss Motors doesn't sell this color for the GT, only the convertible. I found a shop in the UK that offers a full biscuit interior for the GT but I wanted a color sample to be sure. And here's what showed up in the mail today!
The good news is that I was right. The seats are biscuit and match the sample perfectly. The complete interior does include new seat coverings, but this way we know everything will match. Yay! A big thumbs up for Chase MG. I'll put in an order for the parts soon. It actually quite affordable, a full interior for less than the price of two seats from Moss.
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