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December 16, 2009 - The shocks are here.
They're a set of custom single-adjustable T2s from AFCO. I worked with AFCO on the suspension for the Targa Miata and I was really happy with the process. Not just the final result, but the experience of working with the company. They're very responsive and willing to do all sorts of oddball things.
The custom shocks weren't that expensive, either. In fact, I probably would have spent more by going with a non-adjustable off-the-shelf coilover setup from someone else like QA1. I have a good collection of springs from previous projects, so I should be able to use those to get into the right ballpark. Most shocks in this price range have a fixed valving, which won't let me experiment with the suspension to get the ride and handling sorted out. Since I really don't have a clue what sort of rates I'll be running - particularly in the rear - I need the ability to swap springs around. The T2 has a huge adjustment range, so I won't have to get them revalved if I swap springs. I went with a single adjustment (rebound) as that's the more important one. If I want to upgrade them to a double-adjustable setup, that's a fairly easy change to make.
The shocks in the picture are for the rear. They've got a 5" stroke for some decent suspension travel back there. The upper perch comes off in seconds without tools, making it very easy to swap springs. The rubber bumper on the shock shaft isn't intended as a bumpstop, as I'll be using the factory MG one attached to the frame. The rubber's just there to protect the shaft seal in case of problems. The shocks are rebuildable if necessary. Oh, and the aluminum body is light, not that this is a big factor with a big heavy live axle.
Overkill? I don't think so. I like my cars to handle. The MG isn't just going to be a straight-line car. I picture it as a great touring car that just happens to have the ability to rip up a series of corners without breaking a sweat.
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