Slow Car Fast
September 13, 2010 - I was at a track day this past weekend, exercising the Targa Miata.
So no work done on the MG. And I'm going to Oklahoma for a track day this upcoming weekend, so no work will be done this week either. But I did take 5 minutes to do a quick check of the MG's clutch. Janel was involved in the driver's seat while I crawled under the car to slide the driveshaft into the end of the transmission. Then I crawled back out, jacked up the rear axle a bit for more clearance, and crawled back under to slide the driveshaft in place.
Poor Janel had to follow instructions like "put it in gear. Okay, now put it in neutral. Now put it in gear and press the clutch down". Meanwhile, I was trying to turn the driveshaft. Good news - with the car in gear and the clutch engaged, I could not spin the shaft. But with the clutch pedal down, it would spin freely. This means the clutch is disengaging fully. Janel did not seem as excited as I was.
tags: assembly, clutch