Slow Car Fast
June 16, 2010 - Order of operations.
One of my hang-ups recently has been a dilemma. If I do all the wiring and plumbing necessary to make the car run now, I'm going to have to tear it all apart again so I can repaint the engine bay and interior. But I want to make noise and get the car running! The problem was the paint.
Until I realized I didn't need to use automotive paint from a gun. In fact, there was a better option: POR-15. This anti-rust paint is one I've used in the past on both the Seven and the Land Rover. Brushed on, it gives a surprisingly good finish. You can apply it over rust and it's very strong - it'll give much better protection to the metal than normal paint. And of course, since I can apply it with a brush, I can do things like paint under the new fusebox and then mount it permanently without having to worry about dealing with overspray.
tags: grille, paint