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October 27, 2010 - The front lines are done.
The upper line in the picture drops straight down out of the master cylinder and through the body. The header is pretty close to that master, so I wanted to get the line away from it as quickly as possible.
I originally had a different routing that seemed really clever as I put it together. As soon as I was done, I took a look at it and it was obvious how it should run. So I took it apart again...
The line for this wheel (the left front) joins up with the flex line at the pivot point for the upper control arm. The bracket is actually a Miata part that's originally used to perform the same job on a clutch line. The flex lines are standard Miata parts, and that OE mounting makes for a nice solid connection.
The line for the other wheel is fairly convoluted. It drops down, through another hole in the sheetmetal, over a frame rail, along the back of the steering crossmember and under the oil pan, then back up the way it came to a similar bracket on the right side. Not an easy one to make, but it's done now. The lines are anchored as much as possible to keep them from vibrating. I used some aluminum brackets that can be shaped to fit, but I'm going to keep an eye on them to make sure the brackets themselves don't fatigue.
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