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February 1, 2011 - I've been working on gauges recently.
The parts just arrived to mate my mechanical oil pressure gauge to the engine. The biggest problem was how to deal with the usual oddball British flare fittings. After doing some measuring, I was able to sidestep the problem by cutting the flare off and using a 1/8" compression fitting. It's a perfect fit. That goes to an AN -3 flare, then it's all just off-the-shelf race stuff. I still have to get behind the dash to make sure the connection to the gauge is tight, then we'll see how it works!
The coolant gauge has been more of a hassle. The one for the engine computer works fine so I can monitor things that way, but the dash gauge reads really low. At 180F, it's just come off the C peg. After some putzing around with the gauge and checking wiring, it looks as if the culprit is the temperature sender in the head. The GM part measures 3800 ohms at 63F and about 150 ohms at 185F. A parts-store piece I also have on hand is the same at 63 and 200 at 185F.
The MG sender apparently measures about 800 ohms at 68F and 33 at 190F. So I need to find one that's somewhere in that ballpark. It doesn't have to be perfect, just close enough that the gauge stays near the middle at normal operating temperature. I'll stop by NAPA tonight and see what I can find.
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