Slow Car Fast
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October 6, 2010 - The last step before trying to start the car was to put some fuel in the tank and pressurize the system.
That didn't work! Well, it did, but not completely. The stock MG fuel system uses a couple of flared fittings that, typically for the British, are probably only found on Spitfires and MGs. One of them's on the fuel tank itself. So in order to plumb everything together, I retained one of the original fuel hoses in the return line. Bad idea. As soon as the system was up to pressure and excess fuel started to feed back to the tank, this thing started leaking like a garden hose. The inner rubber hose must be cracked in at least 10 places.
So I pulled the hose out and managed to piece together a replacement using one of the end fittings. After a bit of fiddling around, the fuel system was happy and full of pressure.
tags: packaging, suspension, fuel tank