Slow Car Fast
October 6, 2010 - I posted a question about the no-start behavior of the MG on, and got an answer almost immediately.
I need to disable the VATS system. That's an anti-theft setup that uses a resistor in the key. Since I'm not using the Camaro ignition switch or key, it needs to be bypassed or turned off.
A tuning program like HP Tuners can be used for the latter, and we have a copy at work. I also need to do a few other things such as turn off the EGR and the rear O2 sensors. HP Tuners is expensive - but luckily, Flyin' Miata has a copy. I'll have to pay to "mate" it with my computer, that that's fairly inexpensive relative to the cost of the program.
Will this fix it? Let's find out!
tags: start, VATS, HPtuner